Hi family!  Sorry i forgot to mention that I loved my package with the earrings and such, it was great!  I love you guys tons.  Also Mommy I got the dear elder.  It was great.  It sounds like you guys are doing well, lots of changes coming your way but I’m sure it will be great.  It’s crazy that the transfer is already almost over!  Only 2 weeks to go till my world gets turned upside down again haha.

This week has been absolutely amazing.  It all started with an AP approved hike to Adams Canyon. There’s a waterfall at the top and you hike along the creek all the way up.  It’s so fun to be so physically active after riding in a car for a whole week.  Both of my companions had battle wounds but not I! haha. 
After a great P day, we had a long day of training on Tuesday with the all the trainers and their trainees.  This training, though long, changed our week completely.  We were all recommitted to the work of the Lord and the blessings showed.
It all started with Wednesday tracting in one of our lovely trailer parks, Lake View.  We parked our car and walked all over the trailer park visiting all the former investigators.  We went to visit this Lady named Janeth who had recently told us that she didn’t want to hear from us ever again. However, we felt impressed to try again.  When she answered the door, she immediately let us in, and after talking for a while, she had expressed that she had been praying and talking with her husband about coming back to church.  But, she didn’t know how to get a hold of us. With the guidance of the Lord, there we were on her doorstep the next day.  She loves the church so much and said that she really wants to get baptized.  But wants even more to get baptized with her husband.  So happy right?!  Well naturally we set up an appointment with her and her husband, and taught them about the Plan of Salvation.  We then asked Daniel, her husband, what he would be willing to do to get his family to be together in the celestial kingdom.  He said “anything!”  They are both now on date to be baptized, September 21.  That Sunday was the first time Janeth has come to church after months of investigating the church!  It was awesome.
Another Milagro, was Friday.  We decided to try something new with finding new investigators. That morning we prayed to have Lord indicate that all those wearing the color orange know someone that they will invite to church. We then continued to visit some formers and looked diligently for the color orange… but there was none in sight (how sad because it is such a wonderful color).  We spent a fruitless afternoon up until an appointment we had with a recent member and her non-member friend.  Janney, recent convert from Uruguay, and her some ismael, were both wearing orange.  We didn’t really notice until after we asked Karen if she would come to church this Sunday and she said YES! 
This week has been great. I have been so full of thanks to my Heavenly Father, that he permits me to feel the joy of sharing the gospel.  After our lesson with Janeth and Daniel, I felt such indescribable joy.  It was overwhelming and I couldn’t stop smiling.  The Lord is placing people in our paths everyday to bless us, I know it.
Love you all and hope you are doing absolutely amazzziinngggggg!!! Stay bay, So proud of you and all the things your taking on.  Such an exciting change in your life.  I love you and miss you tons.
Mom- thanks for the letter!!! I know that you will still be able to be a fabulous MIMI even if EG is far away.  You’re a wonderful mom to me even though we can’t see each other.  I think about you everyday and hope you are doing well.
Dad- Holy Cramp.  That sounds painful.  Why are you so cool?  I guess we’ll never know 🙂
Brothers where ever you are… a smoke signal will suffice, just so I know you’re alive.


Hiking! Hooray!

Hiking! Hooray!


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