Week Two in the Salty City

Hi family!!
So this week has been another great one from leadership training, baptisms, and member’s dinners.  It sure has been an adventure:)
This week I heard the news that Grandma Carter had passed away.  It was definitely a surprise because the last time I saw her, her physical health was pretty good.  I can only imagine how happy she is right now with her loving husband.  I knew that this experience could either make me or break me.  I was sad that my family was gathered so close to where I am currently serving and wished I could be there to support them.  Not too long after I talked with my family, my companions and I went to contact a lady we have been trying to contact for a long time.  Her name is Anabell, has 4 kids, lives in a trailer park, has a new born baby, and a son who suffers from leukemia.  Instantly I realized that trials on the mission are small in comparison to others in this world.  If I have learned anything in the mission, it has been that I am so blessed.  Thanks to a wonderful family that has taught me well.
Sundays are the craziest days of all.  Sacrament meeting is like judgement day.  We all have to accommodate all of the investigators who come.  We had the stake presidency address us and I was so nervous as to what they were going to say.  However they all said the PERFECT thing and spoke straight to the hearts of our investigators.  Milagros!
The church is true and I love you all!
XOXO- Angel (for grandma)
Hermana Carter

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