The Salty Lake

Anneliese is now serving in Layton, Utah until her visa is available for Argentina. She would LOVE to hear from you! Here’s her new address:

168 S 550 W Layton, UT 84041
As another note, her grandma Carter died last Sunday. We were able to speak with her as a family over the phone, and it was so great to hear her enthusiasm and faith, despite the loss of her sweet grandma and the visa setbacks.
And without further ado, here is her letter from this week:
The Salty Lake
August 5, 2013
Hello family! I’m here and safe in the city of Layton Utah! I have two darling companions Hermana Adorable (yes that’s her name) and Hermana Lisonbee. They are the best and so fun to have around. Wednesday was possibly the longest day of my life. It all started with dropping my MTC comp off at the bus at 4:30 in the morning, then Hermana Fish and I lugged 3 suitcases each all the way to Salt Lake City. We then got to our mission church building where we mingled and waited. It was long and sort of boring, but by about 3:00 President Hansen had given us our assignments and boy was I excited!! I don’t have a picture now but we will have to get one soon of the three amigos.
Here in Layton we serve in a Spanish Ward with 3 other elders. Elder Verges (from Argentina), Elder Tapia, and Elder Woods (also waiting to go to Buenos Aires West mission) they are fun Elders and we eat with them about every night at a member’s home. My first meal in a members home was Thursday. It was a huge plate of fried rice…. mmm delicious. Since we eat with Latin families we have to eat everything we are served and let me tell you, downing a huge plate of fried rice is not an easy task! haha However all the members are so kind and I love getting to know them.
Right now we have one family that is investigating and they are seriously the cutest things ever. They speak both Spanish and English and they are so receptive to everything about the gospel. Their son who’s about 13 has so many questions, insightful ones too! On Sunday we were teaching the Plan of Salvation, and he was so confused as to where the people go who live with satan and about the second coming. He kept going into deeper and deeper stuff which was very difficult to explain but showed that he has a true desire to understand. We are hopeful that they will get baptized this month!
My favorite part about being in the field is meeting all the people. All the latinos are from different places and their stories are so different as well. I just wish I could speak Spanish better so I could ask them more about their life! haha. They are all so humble and willing to listen and I love it.
Tell grandma I love her tons and that I miss her!
Love always, your pisa



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