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Hi family!  Sorry i forgot to mention that I loved my package with the earrings and such, it was great!  I love you guys tons.  Also Mommy I got the dear elder.  It was great.  It sounds like you guys are doing well, lots of changes coming your way but I’m sure it will be great.  It’s crazy that the transfer is already almost over!  Only 2 weeks to go till my world gets turned upside down again haha.

This week has been absolutely amazing.  It all started with an AP approved hike to Adams Canyon. There’s a waterfall at the top and you hike along the creek all the way up.  It’s so fun to be so physically active after riding in a car for a whole week.  Both of my companions had battle wounds but not I! haha. 
After a great P day, we had a long day of training on Tuesday with the all the trainers and their trainees.  This training, though long, changed our week completely.  We were all recommitted to the work of the Lord and the blessings showed.
It all started with Wednesday tracting in one of our lovely trailer parks, Lake View.  We parked our car and walked all over the trailer park visiting all the former investigators.  We went to visit this Lady named Janeth who had recently told us that she didn’t want to hear from us ever again. However, we felt impressed to try again.  When she answered the door, she immediately let us in, and after talking for a while, she had expressed that she had been praying and talking with her husband about coming back to church.  But, she didn’t know how to get a hold of us. With the guidance of the Lord, there we were on her doorstep the next day.  She loves the church so much and said that she really wants to get baptized.  But wants even more to get baptized with her husband.  So happy right?!  Well naturally we set up an appointment with her and her husband, and taught them about the Plan of Salvation.  We then asked Daniel, her husband, what he would be willing to do to get his family to be together in the celestial kingdom.  He said “anything!”  They are both now on date to be baptized, September 21.  That Sunday was the first time Janeth has come to church after months of investigating the church!  It was awesome.
Another Milagro, was Friday.  We decided to try something new with finding new investigators. That morning we prayed to have Lord indicate that all those wearing the color orange know someone that they will invite to church. We then continued to visit some formers and looked diligently for the color orange… but there was none in sight (how sad because it is such a wonderful color).  We spent a fruitless afternoon up until an appointment we had with a recent member and her non-member friend.  Janney, recent convert from Uruguay, and her some ismael, were both wearing orange.  We didn’t really notice until after we asked Karen if she would come to church this Sunday and she said YES! 
This week has been great. I have been so full of thanks to my Heavenly Father, that he permits me to feel the joy of sharing the gospel.  After our lesson with Janeth and Daniel, I felt such indescribable joy.  It was overwhelming and I couldn’t stop smiling.  The Lord is placing people in our paths everyday to bless us, I know it.
Love you all and hope you are doing absolutely amazzziinngggggg!!! Stay bay, So proud of you and all the things your taking on.  Such an exciting change in your life.  I love you and miss you tons.
Mom- thanks for the letter!!! I know that you will still be able to be a fabulous MIMI even if EG is far away.  You’re a wonderful mom to me even though we can’t see each other.  I think about you everyday and hope you are doing well.
Dad- Holy Cramp.  That sounds painful.  Why are you so cool?  I guess we’ll never know 🙂
Brothers where ever you are… a smoke signal will suffice, just so I know you’re alive.


Hiking! Hooray!

Hiking! Hooray!


Soy blanca, hay confianza?

This week has been, well, a week on the mish! so pretty good!!  There are sure a lot of changes going on in your neck of the woods! Stales I think you’re in my boundaries hahaha….
Anyways, I would like write about the fact that I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and in a Hispanic’s mind that means I can’t speak Spanish haha.  We met with Anabell again and she was having kind of a hard time.  She doesn’t really feel accepted by Americans so she is happily surprised that we are so kind to her.  She can speak pretty good English and tries to speak it to me (I thought this was because she wanted to practice, but it’s not).  She thinks I don’t know any Spanish at all!  She’ll be telling my comp Adorable about something, which I understand, and then say “You can explain to her, later tonight” How rude! haha.  Then on Sunday at church we greet the members who come in, and the members spoke Spanish to both of my comps and then said “Hi Sister” to me!  I don’t know if they’ll ever trust me with their language but I’m sure gonna try haha.
This week was tough.  A lot of our investigators were super busy, and contacting was a fail.  It’s the last week of summer and thus no one is home.  We did however get invited to a non member baby shower!  It was possibly the most awkward experience in my life.  The new mom’s mother-in-law is a member and wanted us to come to this surprise baby shower.  So we went, brought cookies and wanted to talk to some people… but none of the ladies really seemed interested in our friendship.  Turns out we were talking to the daughter-in-law’s Christian pastor and all her church friends!  Then to top off the awkwardness, the mother-in-law wanted us to sing a hymn.  So in the middle of the party we were forced to serenade the daughter-in-law.  So tuerpe.
On a spiritual note 🙂  This week our mission started a mission goal to read a Book of Mormon studying a certain topic, like Elder Bednard.  Our topic is the Atonement!  Which will be awesome in the Book of Mormon because Christ is all over every page. L OVE IT!  I’m bummed that I have to do it in English but it’s all good.  All you have to do is read 6 pages a day and you’ll be done in 90 days.  At home 6 pages would test my attention span but since being on the mish, I am sad when my hour of personal study is over.  In a lot of our lessons today, we spent time in 3 Nephi 11 with our investigators.  This chapter is awesome and always invites the spirit.  There’s one part where all the people feel the prints in His side and His hands and feet.  I thought that would be so awesome to know my Savior that well, to feel that sacrifice physically.  However, I realized that we can feel that relationship just as strong if we FULLY utilize the atonement.  Every mistake, pain, sin in our lives can be overcome through Him.  Then we will know Him.  Just as the Nephites knew Him then!  The Atonement, the solution to almost everything.  It’s absolutely amazing.
Well my family, that is just another report from your favorite Hermana.  I’m so grateful I’m out here serving and growing as much as I have.  I love you all so much.
Also members couldn’t get back in time to feed us. They left us a 100 dollar bill. Utah mission life is real.


Week Two in the Salty City

Hi family!!
So this week has been another great one from leadership training, baptisms, and member’s dinners.  It sure has been an adventure:)
This week I heard the news that Grandma Carter had passed away.  It was definitely a surprise because the last time I saw her, her physical health was pretty good.  I can only imagine how happy she is right now with her loving husband.  I knew that this experience could either make me or break me.  I was sad that my family was gathered so close to where I am currently serving and wished I could be there to support them.  Not too long after I talked with my family, my companions and I went to contact a lady we have been trying to contact for a long time.  Her name is Anabell, has 4 kids, lives in a trailer park, has a new born baby, and a son who suffers from leukemia.  Instantly I realized that trials on the mission are small in comparison to others in this world.  If I have learned anything in the mission, it has been that I am so blessed.  Thanks to a wonderful family that has taught me well.
Sundays are the craziest days of all.  Sacrament meeting is like judgement day.  We all have to accommodate all of the investigators who come.  We had the stake presidency address us and I was so nervous as to what they were going to say.  However they all said the PERFECT thing and spoke straight to the hearts of our investigators.  Milagros!
The church is true and I love you all!
XOXO- Angel (for grandma)
Hermana Carter

The Salty Lake

Anneliese is now serving in Layton, Utah until her visa is available for Argentina. She would LOVE to hear from you! Here’s her new address:

168 S 550 W Layton, UT 84041
As another note, her grandma Carter died last Sunday. We were able to speak with her as a family over the phone, and it was so great to hear her enthusiasm and faith, despite the loss of her sweet grandma and the visa setbacks.
And without further ado, here is her letter from this week:
The Salty Lake
August 5, 2013
Hello family! I’m here and safe in the city of Layton Utah! I have two darling companions Hermana Adorable (yes that’s her name) and Hermana Lisonbee. They are the best and so fun to have around. Wednesday was possibly the longest day of my life. It all started with dropping my MTC comp off at the bus at 4:30 in the morning, then Hermana Fish and I lugged 3 suitcases each all the way to Salt Lake City. We then got to our mission church building where we mingled and waited. It was long and sort of boring, but by about 3:00 President Hansen had given us our assignments and boy was I excited!! I don’t have a picture now but we will have to get one soon of the three amigos.
Here in Layton we serve in a Spanish Ward with 3 other elders. Elder Verges (from Argentina), Elder Tapia, and Elder Woods (also waiting to go to Buenos Aires West mission) they are fun Elders and we eat with them about every night at a member’s home. My first meal in a members home was Thursday. It was a huge plate of fried rice…. mmm delicious. Since we eat with Latin families we have to eat everything we are served and let me tell you, downing a huge plate of fried rice is not an easy task! haha However all the members are so kind and I love getting to know them.
Right now we have one family that is investigating and they are seriously the cutest things ever. They speak both Spanish and English and they are so receptive to everything about the gospel. Their son who’s about 13 has so many questions, insightful ones too! On Sunday we were teaching the Plan of Salvation, and he was so confused as to where the people go who live with satan and about the second coming. He kept going into deeper and deeper stuff which was very difficult to explain but showed that he has a true desire to understand. We are hopeful that they will get baptized this month!
My favorite part about being in the field is meeting all the people. All the latinos are from different places and their stories are so different as well. I just wish I could speak Spanish better so I could ask them more about their life! haha. They are all so humble and willing to listen and I love it.
Tell grandma I love her tons and that I miss her!
Love always, your pisa