Week 5 in the MTC

July 25, 2013

Family. It’s been 5 weeks here is the CCM! I’m still learning a ton and it’s all getting jumbled in my head. I think I just need to get out and hear real people speak the “Language of Fun” (that’s what I named it, because it’s tons of fun haha) As you can tell I’m already a nerd and at the moment I can’t form grammatically correct sentences in any language.

Wednesday, P-Day eve, is the day when things get real crazy. Our brains turn to mush and our emotions all over the place. However our teacher, Hermano Thorsen, let us do a fun contacting activity. We ran outside and each of us had to contact sisters and elders who were walking around. Luckily I got a companionship headed to Singapore so my companion could translate my crazy Spanish. It was a sight to see.

Today on P-day we got the opportunity to clean the Provo, Temple. It has been closed for the whole month of July! So it’s only the second time we have gotten to go inside as a district. It was cool though how they shut it down to deep clean it and fix anything that is needed. We got to clean the crystals from the chandelier in the celestial room! So sparkly and so pretty. It was a tedious task but I found it to be profoundly similar to how we need to clean in our own lives. There comes a time that we need to clean out all the nooks and crannies of our past if we really want to become life our Savior who was perfect. Through whom it is all made possible.

Some crazy cool scripture doctrine I learned from our Maestro this week was about the Brother of Jared. Everyone always talks about how God only gave him the answer to one of his two questions; How do we breathe in the barges? and How do we see in the barges? There is a law in Heaven that indicates that God will give unto us all that we ask or need to know. If not possibly through what he has already provided, than through angels or he himself. If you go to Ether 2:23, the Brother of Jared asks these questions. However on the footnotes of this verse it will take you to Genesis 6:16, the story of Noah. Where on this verse it talks about the windows in the Ark that God commanded Him to build. On the footnote it explains the Hebrew translation of the word window meaning, “Precious stone”. Thus God did not tell Jared the answer to his question because the answer could be found. The Brother of Jared found the solution to his problem through the scriptures!! And so can we! I just loved this because it shows how the nature of God is so consistent and we can be assured that he will never change. He will impart all that we need to know unto us whether by the voices of his servants, the scriptures, or he himself. We will never walk this path lacking the knowledge we desire!!

Thank you so much for the package! You are so sweet and I was happy to get all the pictures. My family is so beautiful and I’m so happy you are all doing well. 

I don’t have my reassignment yet, but I will email you as soon as I get it! Anyone wanna cast lots on where I’m going? haha

Love you for always, Hermana Carter

P.S. I learned past subjunctive this week. That took me 3 years of French before I learned it. Bottom line, I’m a genius. haha

Pic 1: District selfie my fave

Pic 2: Hermana Lamphier, a little taste of BYU

Pic 3: my saving grace, BYU creamery Ice cream 


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