“You gotta jump up and down elder!!”

We hi again. It’s me Hermana Carter. It’s P-day and I’m happy.

This week has been a productive one at that.  We are now teaching 4 “investigators” and finally got past the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  It’s fun to teach some new material.  One of our teachers is out of town for a family reunion, and scheduled for us to have a teacher who’s actual first language was spanish to teach us!  His name is Hermano Jaen and he had us do a door approach.  Of course Hermana Miller and I volunteered to go first.  He actually acted like a real investigator and asked us if we were cops because we were asking too many personal questions.  To say the least we really didn’t get through to him in the 15 minutes we were given.  Haha it was a funny experience and I came to realize that it’s hard to meet random people and teach to their hearts in 15 minutes!!

This Sunday we had our regular early morning Zone meeting with all the district leaders and branch presidency.  However we had a special guest!  He was from Star Valley, Wyoming!  I was so excited that I think I rudely interrupted his introduction and asked if he knew Kathy Croft! haha He said that He knew a lot of Crofts and that he went to High School with “Whipper-snapper and Ding Dong” (Judy and Joan).  I felt sorry for the poor man… haha.  He then asked for me to give the closing prayer of the meeting and said I looked like a Croft.  I was honored, and It made me miss my mom a little. 

Every tuesday we have a devotional in the Marriot Center.  This week it was given by and emeritus general authority, Richard G. Hinkley.  He used scriptures from Paul’s letters to Timothy, when Timothy was doing missionary work.  He gave a lot of good advice that is always good to be reminded of when on a mission.  I feel like it’s necessary to always be reminded of what we need to do to really make this time count.  He closed with a quote “What will my answer be when I leave the mission?  Will I say I wish I had or I’m glad I did?”  That hit home to all of us missionaries that we don’t want to leave these 2 years to 18 months with any regrets.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the good old dance team years when Mrs. Mcphee would have our motos of the season.  One of which was “No Regrets.”  If you don’t remember correctly, that’s when we made dance team history haha.  It’s surprising how many things prepare you for your mission, and that experience is definitely one of them.

After Devotionals we have a post-devotional testimony meeting with just our District.  Often a member of the presidency is present.  Luckily we could have our new branch president, President Shallenburger, join us.  He is so cool and really motivates us with the excitement of serving missions.  After we had this super serious and proper testimony meeting he had the closing remarks.  He shared a story of his two friends Stephen R. Covey and George Durant who were companions on their missions.  He goes on to convey a story where Stephen R. Covey, senior companion, was directing a companionship inventory.  He told George Durant “Elder you gotta be excited, you gotta jump up and down till the money comes out of your pockets!”.  As President Shallenberger demonstrates this jumping all over the class room, his keys and glasses are flying everywhere.  It was so funny!  I’m just thankful that he can show that this time is about finding the joy in the journey and even though it’s missionary work, it is also one of the most joyful times of our lives.  Like is says in D&C 18:10, 15-16, “How great shall be your joy if you bring but one soul unto Christ.”

Well just another amazing week!  I love you all so much and am thankful for your examples.  I was  assigned to host this week when the new missionaries were dropped off, and I saw all these families crying and being so dramatic! haha  So thankful that every memory I have with my family has been of joy and laughter.  You are the BEST!!

Love always, Hermana Pisa, Zaza, Anneliese, Carter… whatever you wanna call me!

BYU kids at the MTC

BYU kids at the MTC



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