July 11th, 2013

Another week gone and past. I can’t believe it!  Time goes by so fast here because you’re always busy.  I love it. haha!!

Last week the MTC graced us with a wonderful fourth of July Celebration which included a fireside, movie, “17 Miracles”, ice cream, fireworks and craziest of all… we stayed out till 11 p.m.  It was anarchy I tell ya!  Other freedoms that I hold sacred to me at this wonderful place would include, the “make your own wrap bar”, 30 minute temple walks, and small increments of unscheduled time. 

This past week as always has been filled with so many opportunities to learn and grow.  As I have said before, “We have amazing teachers who are great examples to me of dedicated humble service to the Lord.”  Hermano Anderson bore such a sweet testimony of giving all you have to the Lord for these next 18 months to 2 years.  He was worked with many difficult companions throughout his mission, but he said that me made a commitment to never let anyone else influence who he was as a missionary. This really inspired me to not judge my obedience based on other Sisters and Elders here in the CCM, but based on what the Lord requires of me.  Throughout the week we have been able to hear from so many great speakers and all of them given guidance of how we ourselves have to be converted to the Lord for this work to be effective in the field.  In a talk given by David A. Bednard called “Character of Christ”, he talks about how conversion vs a testimony, is when you become more Christ-like yourself.  He told so many inspiring stories about how the Lord, in the midst of trials, “turns out” to others and serves them.  I have been trying to apply this to my daily life and forget about myself.  When I focus on serving, everything I do holds such greater purpose. 

At the MTC we get to do a lot of role play activities including teaching our teachers.  Teaching is so hard. haha!  We have been doing activities so we don’t act like robots, and how to focus on the investigator equally as much as you focus on the the spirit.  Hermana Miller and I keep trying to make lessons more like conversations than dissertations, but it’s so hard with the language barrier haha. 

Our zone and district are so fun.  Since we have two new districts, this Wednesday we are at the Elder to Hermana ratio of 34 to 9! haha.  We try to have fun and keep things light in the midst of studying and teaching.  Yesterday, Elder Ah-Hoy, who was born in Samoa, did the”Hakka” for us! It was so awesome.  Samoans have swag.  It’s evident that overcoming these daily challenges really bring us together in the efforts to do the Lord’s work. 

Our last Tuesday devotional was given by L. Lionnel Kendrick who talked about receiving revelation.  It was filled with amazing doctrine and just good stuff… haha.  But my favorite quote would have to be “The Lord never uses a flood light when a flashlight is sufficient”.  I think sometimes we’re all looking for the floodlights from heaven, but little do we know that God has been assuring us of our actions all along.  I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father and I know He loves all of us dearly.  He loves us so much that when we turn to Him, He will guide us in the paths that we are to follow.  He concluded his message with a priesthood blessing upon all the missionaries.  It was so powerful.  I love this gospel so much!

I’m so thankful for all of you and you’re support.  It’s been so fun to hear from you via letter!  (Dad I think your more funny on paper…who would’ve known!)  Have fun in Philly and tell Kai, Mandi, and Jack hello!!!  Good luck on the presentation Daddy, and Mom know that all the young women adore you and you’re efforts are totally appreciated by everyone!  You’re doing great. 





Walker at MTC???

The closest thing to Walker at MTC!

4th of July Outfits!!!

IMG_0694 IMG_0686

Running buddy in MTC

Running buddy in MTC

Running buddies feet!

Running buddies feet!



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