MTC Week Two

I’m a REAL Missionary?

July 4, 2013

Mi familia y mis amigos!!

So today is P-day again! I can’t believe that it… MTC time is completely warped. Since my last letter we have gotten to know our new Hermanas, sent off some old ones, and taught two new “investigators!” Their names are Carlos and Guillermo. It’s cool because our teachers, who act as the investigators, model these people after experiences and people from their mission. Hermano Thorsen has already told us about the story of Javier.

Teaching is hard, sometimes I get so frustrated because I just want the spirit to be all like “Bam the Church is true” but it doesn’t exactly work like that all the time. However, since Hermana Miller and I have stopped using notes we have gotten much better at teaching People and not lessons.

This Sunday was my first real sunday and it was awesome. We got to watch “Music and the Spoken word” and have Sheri Dew as our speaker for Relief Society! She’s seriously amazing. She talked about the 4 things we should come to know to become the best missionaries, one of them is to know who our Savior is. She shared a the scripture Luke 4:18 which says that Jesus came to “Heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recover sight to the blind, to set liberty to them that are buried” I absolutely loved this scripture because as I am inviting others to come unto Christ, I’m getting them to the only person who can provide refuge from the pains of the world. 

Also on Sunday, My companion and I were asked to be the Sister Training Leaders of our zone. So we already had to go to meetings for that. haha. Basically we are the Relief Society representatives for our version of Ward Council. I’m so happy to get involved with all 8 of our Hermanas. They are so sweet. We went on our first temple walk, and thank goodness I have no access to a temperature measuring device because had I known it was over 100 degrees I would’ve cried. Ignorance is bliss right?!

Studying has become a lot more productive this week. I’ve heard somewhere if you read the book of mormon in a foreign language, by the time you finish you will be fluent. So every morning a read a couple chapters in english and then read those chapters out loud in spanish to practice pronounciation. Also managed to memorize the first vision in spanish! 

Gym time is my favorite time. I get to run around in circles for like 20 min by myself haha. 10 laps is a mile, talk about getting dizzy. Anyways, it’s the best time to get out my energy after sitting in a little classroom for 6 hours at a time. The food is pretty bad so I live on diet of lettuce and wraps, and when I’m lucky I eat ice cream because it’s the most delicious thing here. Elder Ah Hoy (big samoan elder in my district) hates it because he always feels guilty eating around me haha. Shout out to Miguel Blanco, I have yet to eat a dinner roll haha. 

Our Last devotional was given by the general Sunday School President, Matthew R. Richardson. He talked about an experience from his mission in the MTC, when a little girl asked “Grandma are those real missionaries?” He said he really put into perspective what it requires to be a REAL missionary. He reminded us our calls and how the Lord has prepared something for us greater than we can ever imagine. I really needed that, sometimes I feel like I’m just pretending and putting on a name tag but, it’s the truth I’m as real of a missionary as I want to be. And I wan’t to be the real deal! 

Love you all so much, your letters and emails make me smile and I feel like I actually know about your life! Thanks for being you! 

Love Hermana Carter
Mom- I hate to do this but their are a couple things that I need/want
1. A copy of my call… it’s hanging up on my wall at home
2. pictures of my family so I can make a little book to show people. 
3. sport bras, t-shirts (kooks), and skinny jeans (gap black and blue ones)
4. earrings (i forgot to bring any and I don’t want to have to re-pierce my ears haha.
Anneliese and her companion
Anneliese and long life friend Jeni Douglas – they found each other! Jeni will be serving in Kobe, Japan
More amigos
DSCF5670IMG_0656 IMG_0662

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