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Week 5 in the MTC

July 25, 2013

Family. It’s been 5 weeks here is the CCM! I’m still learning a ton and it’s all getting jumbled in my head. I think I just need to get out and hear real people speak the “Language of Fun” (that’s what I named it, because it’s tons of fun haha) As you can tell I’m already a nerd and at the moment I can’t form grammatically correct sentences in any language.

Wednesday, P-Day eve, is the day when things get real crazy. Our brains turn to mush and our emotions all over the place. However our teacher, Hermano Thorsen, let us do a fun contacting activity. We ran outside and each of us had to contact sisters and elders who were walking around. Luckily I got a companionship headed to Singapore so my companion could translate my crazy Spanish. It was a sight to see.

Today on P-day we got the opportunity to clean the Provo, Temple. It has been closed for the whole month of July! So it’s only the second time we have gotten to go inside as a district. It was cool though how they shut it down to deep clean it and fix anything that is needed. We got to clean the crystals from the chandelier in the celestial room! So sparkly and so pretty. It was a tedious task but I found it to be profoundly similar to how we need to clean in our own lives. There comes a time that we need to clean out all the nooks and crannies of our past if we really want to become life our Savior who was perfect. Through whom it is all made possible.

Some crazy cool scripture doctrine I learned from our Maestro this week was about the Brother of Jared. Everyone always talks about how God only gave him the answer to one of his two questions; How do we breathe in the barges? and How do we see in the barges? There is a law in Heaven that indicates that God will give unto us all that we ask or need to know. If not possibly through what he has already provided, than through angels or he himself. If you go to Ether 2:23, the Brother of Jared asks these questions. However on the footnotes of this verse it will take you to Genesis 6:16, the story of Noah. Where on this verse it talks about the windows in the Ark that God commanded Him to build. On the footnote it explains the Hebrew translation of the word window meaning, “Precious stone”. Thus God did not tell Jared the answer to his question because the answer could be found. The Brother of Jared found the solution to his problem through the scriptures!! And so can we! I just loved this because it shows how the nature of God is so consistent and we can be assured that he will never change. He will impart all that we need to know unto us whether by the voices of his servants, the scriptures, or he himself. We will never walk this path lacking the knowledge we desire!!

Thank you so much for the package! You are so sweet and I was happy to get all the pictures. My family is so beautiful and I’m so happy you are all doing well. 

I don’t have my reassignment yet, but I will email you as soon as I get it! Anyone wanna cast lots on where I’m going? haha

Love you for always, Hermana Carter

P.S. I learned past subjunctive this week. That took me 3 years of French before I learned it. Bottom line, I’m a genius. haha

Pic 1: District selfie my fave

Pic 2: Hermana Lamphier, a little taste of BYU

Pic 3: my saving grace, BYU creamery Ice cream 



Hola a todas la personas!!
I have been reassigned to the Salt Lake City Mission!! Hermana Fish and I will be leaving wednesday morning at 6 a.m. to take the train to Murray, Utah. haha!!!
That’s about all I know!  Hopefully I’ll get some opportunities to speak Spanish and most importantly, get to teach real people!  I’m so excited and best of all I don’t have to weigh my suitcases.
Hope you all are doing well!  More to come about my adventures as an Hermana.  
Salt Lake here I come and hopefully Argentina soon!
Love always, Hermana Carter

My new assignment!

My new assignment!

We are off!!!

We are off!!!

“You gotta jump up and down elder!!”

We hi again. It’s me Hermana Carter. It’s P-day and I’m happy.

This week has been a productive one at that.  We are now teaching 4 “investigators” and finally got past the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  It’s fun to teach some new material.  One of our teachers is out of town for a family reunion, and scheduled for us to have a teacher who’s actual first language was spanish to teach us!  His name is Hermano Jaen and he had us do a door approach.  Of course Hermana Miller and I volunteered to go first.  He actually acted like a real investigator and asked us if we were cops because we were asking too many personal questions.  To say the least we really didn’t get through to him in the 15 minutes we were given.  Haha it was a funny experience and I came to realize that it’s hard to meet random people and teach to their hearts in 15 minutes!!

This Sunday we had our regular early morning Zone meeting with all the district leaders and branch presidency.  However we had a special guest!  He was from Star Valley, Wyoming!  I was so excited that I think I rudely interrupted his introduction and asked if he knew Kathy Croft! haha He said that He knew a lot of Crofts and that he went to High School with “Whipper-snapper and Ding Dong” (Judy and Joan).  I felt sorry for the poor man… haha.  He then asked for me to give the closing prayer of the meeting and said I looked like a Croft.  I was honored, and It made me miss my mom a little. 

Every tuesday we have a devotional in the Marriot Center.  This week it was given by and emeritus general authority, Richard G. Hinkley.  He used scriptures from Paul’s letters to Timothy, when Timothy was doing missionary work.  He gave a lot of good advice that is always good to be reminded of when on a mission.  I feel like it’s necessary to always be reminded of what we need to do to really make this time count.  He closed with a quote “What will my answer be when I leave the mission?  Will I say I wish I had or I’m glad I did?”  That hit home to all of us missionaries that we don’t want to leave these 2 years to 18 months with any regrets.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the good old dance team years when Mrs. Mcphee would have our motos of the season.  One of which was “No Regrets.”  If you don’t remember correctly, that’s when we made dance team history haha.  It’s surprising how many things prepare you for your mission, and that experience is definitely one of them.

After Devotionals we have a post-devotional testimony meeting with just our District.  Often a member of the presidency is present.  Luckily we could have our new branch president, President Shallenburger, join us.  He is so cool and really motivates us with the excitement of serving missions.  After we had this super serious and proper testimony meeting he had the closing remarks.  He shared a story of his two friends Stephen R. Covey and George Durant who were companions on their missions.  He goes on to convey a story where Stephen R. Covey, senior companion, was directing a companionship inventory.  He told George Durant “Elder you gotta be excited, you gotta jump up and down till the money comes out of your pockets!”.  As President Shallenberger demonstrates this jumping all over the class room, his keys and glasses are flying everywhere.  It was so funny!  I’m just thankful that he can show that this time is about finding the joy in the journey and even though it’s missionary work, it is also one of the most joyful times of our lives.  Like is says in D&C 18:10, 15-16, “How great shall be your joy if you bring but one soul unto Christ.”

Well just another amazing week!  I love you all so much and am thankful for your examples.  I was  assigned to host this week when the new missionaries were dropped off, and I saw all these families crying and being so dramatic! haha  So thankful that every memory I have with my family has been of joy and laughter.  You are the BEST!!

Love always, Hermana Pisa, Zaza, Anneliese, Carter… whatever you wanna call me!

BYU kids at the MTC

BYU kids at the MTC



July 11th, 2013

Another week gone and past. I can’t believe it!  Time goes by so fast here because you’re always busy.  I love it. haha!!

Last week the MTC graced us with a wonderful fourth of July Celebration which included a fireside, movie, “17 Miracles”, ice cream, fireworks and craziest of all… we stayed out till 11 p.m.  It was anarchy I tell ya!  Other freedoms that I hold sacred to me at this wonderful place would include, the “make your own wrap bar”, 30 minute temple walks, and small increments of unscheduled time. 

This past week as always has been filled with so many opportunities to learn and grow.  As I have said before, “We have amazing teachers who are great examples to me of dedicated humble service to the Lord.”  Hermano Anderson bore such a sweet testimony of giving all you have to the Lord for these next 18 months to 2 years.  He was worked with many difficult companions throughout his mission, but he said that me made a commitment to never let anyone else influence who he was as a missionary. This really inspired me to not judge my obedience based on other Sisters and Elders here in the CCM, but based on what the Lord requires of me.  Throughout the week we have been able to hear from so many great speakers and all of them given guidance of how we ourselves have to be converted to the Lord for this work to be effective in the field.  In a talk given by David A. Bednard called “Character of Christ”, he talks about how conversion vs a testimony, is when you become more Christ-like yourself.  He told so many inspiring stories about how the Lord, in the midst of trials, “turns out” to others and serves them.  I have been trying to apply this to my daily life and forget about myself.  When I focus on serving, everything I do holds such greater purpose. 

At the MTC we get to do a lot of role play activities including teaching our teachers.  Teaching is so hard. haha!  We have been doing activities so we don’t act like robots, and how to focus on the investigator equally as much as you focus on the the spirit.  Hermana Miller and I keep trying to make lessons more like conversations than dissertations, but it’s so hard with the language barrier haha. 

Our zone and district are so fun.  Since we have two new districts, this Wednesday we are at the Elder to Hermana ratio of 34 to 9! haha.  We try to have fun and keep things light in the midst of studying and teaching.  Yesterday, Elder Ah-Hoy, who was born in Samoa, did the”Hakka” for us! It was so awesome.  Samoans have swag.  It’s evident that overcoming these daily challenges really bring us together in the efforts to do the Lord’s work. 

Our last Tuesday devotional was given by L. Lionnel Kendrick who talked about receiving revelation.  It was filled with amazing doctrine and just good stuff… haha.  But my favorite quote would have to be “The Lord never uses a flood light when a flashlight is sufficient”.  I think sometimes we’re all looking for the floodlights from heaven, but little do we know that God has been assuring us of our actions all along.  I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father and I know He loves all of us dearly.  He loves us so much that when we turn to Him, He will guide us in the paths that we are to follow.  He concluded his message with a priesthood blessing upon all the missionaries.  It was so powerful.  I love this gospel so much!

I’m so thankful for all of you and you’re support.  It’s been so fun to hear from you via letter!  (Dad I think your more funny on paper…who would’ve known!)  Have fun in Philly and tell Kai, Mandi, and Jack hello!!!  Good luck on the presentation Daddy, and Mom know that all the young women adore you and you’re efforts are totally appreciated by everyone!  You’re doing great. 





Walker at MTC???

The closest thing to Walker at MTC!

4th of July Outfits!!!

IMG_0694 IMG_0686

Running buddy in MTC

Running buddy in MTC

Running buddies feet!

Running buddies feet!


MTC Week Two

I’m a REAL Missionary?

July 4, 2013

Mi familia y mis amigos!!

So today is P-day again! I can’t believe that it… MTC time is completely warped. Since my last letter we have gotten to know our new Hermanas, sent off some old ones, and taught two new “investigators!” Their names are Carlos and Guillermo. It’s cool because our teachers, who act as the investigators, model these people after experiences and people from their mission. Hermano Thorsen has already told us about the story of Javier.

Teaching is hard, sometimes I get so frustrated because I just want the spirit to be all like “Bam the Church is true” but it doesn’t exactly work like that all the time. However, since Hermana Miller and I have stopped using notes we have gotten much better at teaching People and not lessons.

This Sunday was my first real sunday and it was awesome. We got to watch “Music and the Spoken word” and have Sheri Dew as our speaker for Relief Society! She’s seriously amazing. She talked about the 4 things we should come to know to become the best missionaries, one of them is to know who our Savior is. She shared a the scripture Luke 4:18 which says that Jesus came to “Heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recover sight to the blind, to set liberty to them that are buried” I absolutely loved this scripture because as I am inviting others to come unto Christ, I’m getting them to the only person who can provide refuge from the pains of the world. 

Also on Sunday, My companion and I were asked to be the Sister Training Leaders of our zone. So we already had to go to meetings for that. haha. Basically we are the Relief Society representatives for our version of Ward Council. I’m so happy to get involved with all 8 of our Hermanas. They are so sweet. We went on our first temple walk, and thank goodness I have no access to a temperature measuring device because had I known it was over 100 degrees I would’ve cried. Ignorance is bliss right?!

Studying has become a lot more productive this week. I’ve heard somewhere if you read the book of mormon in a foreign language, by the time you finish you will be fluent. So every morning a read a couple chapters in english and then read those chapters out loud in spanish to practice pronounciation. Also managed to memorize the first vision in spanish! 

Gym time is my favorite time. I get to run around in circles for like 20 min by myself haha. 10 laps is a mile, talk about getting dizzy. Anyways, it’s the best time to get out my energy after sitting in a little classroom for 6 hours at a time. The food is pretty bad so I live on diet of lettuce and wraps, and when I’m lucky I eat ice cream because it’s the most delicious thing here. Elder Ah Hoy (big samoan elder in my district) hates it because he always feels guilty eating around me haha. Shout out to Miguel Blanco, I have yet to eat a dinner roll haha. 

Our Last devotional was given by the general Sunday School President, Matthew R. Richardson. He talked about an experience from his mission in the MTC, when a little girl asked “Grandma are those real missionaries?” He said he really put into perspective what it requires to be a REAL missionary. He reminded us our calls and how the Lord has prepared something for us greater than we can ever imagine. I really needed that, sometimes I feel like I’m just pretending and putting on a name tag but, it’s the truth I’m as real of a missionary as I want to be. And I wan’t to be the real deal! 

Love you all so much, your letters and emails make me smile and I feel like I actually know about your life! Thanks for being you! 

Love Hermana Carter
Mom- I hate to do this but their are a couple things that I need/want
1. A copy of my call… it’s hanging up on my wall at home
2. pictures of my family so I can make a little book to show people. 
3. sport bras, t-shirts (kooks), and skinny jeans (gap black and blue ones)
4. earrings (i forgot to bring any and I don’t want to have to re-pierce my ears haha.
Anneliese and her companion
Anneliese and long life friend Jeni Douglas – they found each other! Jeni will be serving in Kobe, Japan
More amigos
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