Hermana Carter’s First Letter

June 28, 2013

“Mi Familia”

I’m a missionary!! It a real thing now! haha. I honestly have loved this entire experience. It’s hard, the days literally feel like weeks and a week feels like a day. I can’t believe there are already new kids here, that I can “Bienvenidos” to!! My district is all under the age of 20 (my companion), we have two 18 year old elders and two 19. Three of us are going to Argentina, HermanITA Carter, Hermana Fish, and ME! My companion is going to the San Francisco Oakland mission and is from Lehi Utah! She is awesome, so sweet. She’s 20 years old and is the size of my pinky… LITERALLY. She is really hardworking even though the language doesn’t come easy to her, and we both studied french at BYU! What are the odds two seriously confused girls get joined at the hip to learn spanish. haha. Our district gets along so well that sometimes we can focus haha. I feel guilty when I don’t get all my work done, but honestly I feel like it’s never possible to get EVERYTHING done, even if you are stuck in a room for 15 hours a day haha.
Spanish is going well, yesterday my companion and I taught an entire lesson in spanish with no notes. We felt like we had just be lecturing him for the past few lessons, so some elders said just study the doctrine you want to teach in spanish and go in there! It was way better because I didn’t feel like I was rehearsing something just talking to someone. That’s probably what they wanted all along but we got there by Lesson 4 right!? haha Funny story… Once my companion and I were preparing for a lesson and I was trying to figure out how to say the gospel makes you a better man, but I said Hombre mujer…. which means man woman instead of hombre major! haha We laughed so hard. Our main teacher is Hermano Anderson and he is litterally the quietest person I’ve ever known. Not only is he speaking a language I don’t know but sometimes I can’t even hear him over the air conditioning. He’s way chill though. We got him to laugh pretty hard about some things.. mostly dumb spanish stuff I do… and He laughs just like Grandpa Carter. his face gets super red and he doesn’t make a sound! hahah. I love it, He’s definitely my favorite teacher, he’s genius at gramar and always chooses his words very carefuly.
I’ve seen a lot of people here, and it’s so fun but also it’s weird cause we’re all missionary dorks now and all we have to talk about is either the past or how the mtc is going which is the same for everyone. My companion thinks I know everyone… but I feel like I never see the people I wanna see haha. I love it though. I see Hermana Lamphier (PARK CITY) every day and we have a good time. All in all it’s nice to see a familiar face everyonce in a while.
Sunday.. Uh hello wasn’t that broadcast awesome! I miss buttons so much I hope I get an Ipad! Jokes jokes jokes… but You guys back home better shape up and contact all of Via Sonrisa. Why not right? Also if you want to see me on the tv screen look for me from 7:57-8:10. Yellow shirt… mom bangs!!THATS ME!
Tuesday devotional was give by Janice Kapp Perry and we got to sing her new “As sisters of zion” in the we’ll bring the world our truth medley, It was so powerful. I cried. haha also who knew that JKP wrote all the BEST primary songs… also JKP’s husband is so funny and kissed her on the lips twice infront of thousands awkward missionaries. hahaha
I love you guys soo much thanks for all who sent letters and such. MOM the package made my day. Pictures were seriously the best so take more pictures of your life, and send them to me!! I’m so happy to be on a mission! You have no idea how great it is to have such a specific purpose for the next couple months.
Hasta Luego!
Hermana Carter
Found at the MTC:
Dad’s picture in the MTC hall of fame
lots of BYU friends
good food?
and a few letters to keep her going
IMG_0560 IMG_0586 IMG_0582 IMG_0579 IMG_0615 IMG_0614

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