“La Ultima Carta”

missionWell the time has come!  This will be my last letter from Argentina.  I really don’t know how to process these types of moments.  I remember before I left for the mission, I was cool as a cat everything was so calm.  I’m trying to maintain that calmness.  I’m so grateful for the experience I had here as a missionary.  Since the day I put on that nametag, I’ve been learning and growing so much!!  And I’m so excited to learn and grow in my next phase of life. 

This week was fuuulll of miracles.  Beto is doing so so so great.  I love him so much.  This week we had an intense lesson in the chapel about repentance and what it means. We invited him to pray in that moment on his knees.  It was a very special experience.  However, he didn’t get his answer in that exact moment, he did feel strongly that he has to look for his answer.  He came to church on Sunday and the devotional! I t was great even though we had to stay up till 11:30 p.m. so that he could watch it with us… Beto is one of the biggest miracles in my mission.  He has progressed so much and changed so much.  He is the testimony that I have of God’s love for everyone of his children no matter how wicked or lost they are.
We had interviews with President this week and it was a little different because we had to teach Hermana and President Rogers by ourselves.  It was such a great experience to be able to teach them and learn from them.  I wish it would have happened a little earlier in my mission, but still it went really well.  We were all asked to teach the atonement to them.  Thus, I studied the atonement so much.  I think  I know all the scriptures inside and out haha!  The one that we shared is in Doctrine and Covenants 19.  It’s talks about how Christ suffered for us so that we don’t have to suffer, but only if we repent.  If we don’t repent, we still have to bare our own burdens.  What greater thing do we have in our life than the love our Heavenly Father and the mercy of our beloved Savior?  Seriously the love of God is infinite and was shown through the sacrifice of His son.  Such sacrifice was infinite too.  I love the scripture in Alma 34 that talks about the infinite and eternal sacrifice that God gave was necessary to save us from our lost and fallen state.  Even though it may not appear that we are all lost and fallen, we all are in some sort of way.  Especially if we don’t have the atonement present in all the things we do.  The atonement is the only thing that will free us from our natural selves. I’m so thankful for my Saviour and all He has done for me, for my friends, my family, and the people here in Argentina.  I hope I can continue giving Him my all in all the things I do. 
There are so many things iIm going to miss from this country and the mission.  I have forgotten so much about carpet and soft chairs, but I really have come to love so many things from these people.  I love their bug (big?) hugs, their willing hearts, their bread haha, and even the dogs sometimes!  But I know that these people will always be in my heart until the next life and we all be together again.  They are the Lord’s children even if they are super stubborn hahah.  No, but really I know I have met many of my pre-existence friends here! 
Thanks for all the love, prayers, notes, packages, testimonies and all that you have done for me!  This experience has been once in a lifetime! 
hasta pronto! nos vemos!
Hermana Carter

El es la dadiva

Truchas- trouts, but in slang it means…. like a faker or a fraud.  This title has nothing to do with the letter but I really like this word and it doesn’t have a direct translation. 🙂

Hello hello,
Sister Carter here in the end of the world with very dark circles under her eyes!  I hope it won’t be there permanently and will go away in a couple weeks when I am well rested but for now it looks like my companion punched me!
This week was a great week!  We taught more lessons and found new people.  We were finally able to teach Cintia and her husband Diego! We have been planning it for like a month.  They are super great.  We taught them about a the restoration and even though there were a bunch of little rascals running around, the Spirit was felt.  We were able to put a baptismal date with them!  They may take a while to progress, because they work very hard, but they’ll get there I know it. 
We also taught Beto:) oh Beto is a huge web of problems.  This poor guy has had so many issues, it’s really hard for him to progress.  He came to a baptism and to church, but it’s so hard to tell if he’s really interested!  We were able to talk to him about obedience and the law that the Lord has established since the beginning of time.  Even though it was bold I think he understood in that moment what it means to be obedient, but forgets everything because his brain is fried from all the things he consumes!  I’m learning a lot of patience with him and hoping that we can find new outlets to help him make the changes.
This week I did divisions not as a leader… haha!  It was weird, but it was fun because I got to serve with another Hermana Lider that I love.  Hermana Craun is from Arizona and she’s crazy and blonde just like me.  We were able to do a lot of contacts and find new people to teach. I loved it.
We had a Christmas choir concert.  The decorations were very American (l love my country:))  The missionaries sang “Away in a Manger” and “Joy to the World.”  It turned out pretty well!  But the other choirs were amazing!  The adventistas were professionals!  At the end, they shared the christmas video El es la Dàdiva.   I love this video so much.  It’s such a beautiful way to help us understand the importance of Christmas.  The Lord gave a infinite and eternal gift which was His only begotten son, and only through Him can we find happiness here on earth and hope to live with Him again.  We have to use, share, remember, and accept this gift everyday!  It is so amazing to me, the love the Lord and our Savior have for us!  I love them.
Happy Christmas season, bust up(out) the Christmas music and share the real spirit of Christmas, remember our brother Jesus Christ in all things that you do this Christmas season.
Hermana Carter 

Beto’s Tacos

Hola hola,

How’s it all going in to EEUU (i have no idea why that means United States here, but it does.)  Life is so great here in Ushuaia.  It’s warming up and getting more sunny, but also more windy. 

This week was a GREAT WEEK!  We had the conference with Elder Christofferson.  I was in the front row and we all got to introduce ourselves.  And I had the awkward blond moment when I told him I was from California, los estados unidos… like he doesn’t know where california is. haha so dumb:)

The coolest part about hearing from a prophet was being able to see how human yet powerful he was.  He emphasized that fact that the missionaries are the tools that the Lord uses to complete the work of the prophets and apostles.  We have the same divine authority and calling!  He said it is a such a blessing and privilege to testify and bring others unto Christ.  That we shouldn’t even expect blessings!  As we fulfill our purpose, we are helping people receive the gift of the atonement in our lives, which is through faith, repentance, and covenants.  We too have to accept this gift everyday of our lives by following these steps.  I know that this man is called of God.  His words were especially for me and will bless my life forever.

Well with a great spiritual start of the week.  We got out there to get to work.  We were able to find a few news.  The most important is BETO! or norberto.  He’s a new investigator that we found.  He talks a lot and has a really really hard life.  We were able to teach him about the restoration and invite him to be baptized and he said yes:) We left him like 3 things to read and he read them all and he came to church.  I saw the members so excited to see an investigator in church and they were all so kind to him.  He is seriously such a miracle.

We were able to have a lesson with him this Sunday after church and we talked about the Gospel of Christ and how we can be free from sin and guilt through our Saviour.  Everything went really well, and he has a very strong desire to make a better life for himself and or his family.  He finished with the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard. he started to cry, pleading that he can change and make a better life for him.  He said that after he felt a little alleviated and free. It was one of the most powerful moments in my mission.  I really hope and pray he can make the changes that he needs to, to live a happy life!

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that this is His restored church!

Love you all!

Hermana Carter

Park at the end of the World!

Park at the end of the World!

IMG_0024 (8) IMG_0027

“Pan de dios”

Hola como estan?!

Life is great here in Ushuia!  Today we went to find a waterfall.. that we kind of found.  It was pretty legit.  A good day.


This week was pretty chill.  We contacted, taught, laughed, and everything.  This week, one of the greatest miracles that we had is that we found a new investigator whose name is Pia..  She’s 15 and it seems to me that she’s had a pretty tough life.  She basically is raising her little brothers while her mom works.  She has so much faith in God because she has felt him help her in moments of difficulty.  I’m excited to keep working with her!

I don’t know if I told you but Elder Christofferson, a general authority from Salt Lake, is coming this week to Ushuia.  This whole week I have been pondering what I can do to prepare for this moment.  There are so many things I want to learn before I leave.  I hope I will be able to apply all the things he teaches us here in the mission and my life.  I’m going to be writing notes like CRAZY!
This week we couldn’t visit Juan Carlos, but we did call him.  He wanted to find out about the church website so he could read the Book of Mormon.  CAPO!  I really hope he can get married so he can be baptized.  We need to pray a lot so everything works out, all is in the hands of the Lord.
This is a picture of my bread that I made with Hermana Fish.  Best bread I’ve ever made.  CAPA I am.
Well chicos, love you all lots.  Keep those smiles on, God loves you all!
Hermana Carter


Hello family!  

Happy Halloween!!  Everyone here in Argentina thinks that Halloween is of the devil and it’s the worst holiday ever.  It makes me sad.  They’re missing out on a lot of candy and happiness if you want my opinion.

This week has been another crazy week!  We were able to teach a good amount of lessons.  The people talked a lot and I felt like I had to listen a lot… that’s some of the patience I have learned here on the mission. haha!
This week our highlight is Juan Carlos.  I don’t know if I told you about him, but he’s a referral from the Hibauza Family.  He is very smart and also very sensitive to the spirit.  He has a strong desire to be baptized, but he has to get married.  We were able to have a lesson with him at the Hibauza’s house and share with him the Book of Mormon.  He was super capo.  As we shared all about the book of mormon he was putting all the pieces together.  He talked about how Christ says that there are “other sheep that are not of this fold.”  He is so determined to get baptized, but I really want him to have his own answer about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  Sometimes he talks about the church like the perfect society that he wants to join.  I hope he will be able to have his own divine testimony so that his foundation is not the members, but the truth of the doctrine.  We are trying to get him to talk to his wife about marriage so that he can get baptized.  He proposed to his wife this weekend but he’s still waiting for his answer.
This transfer there were a ton of changes.  Now the hermana leaders are Hermana Fish with Hermana Kraun.  They are like zone leaders and they are working in Ushuia and Rio Grande.  I’m staying with Hermana Reyes in Ushuaia.  At first we were both really surprised. Like all callings and assignments, it all depends on the Lord’s will and timing.  I’m going to commit all my time and attention to my area so that I can leave it the best that it has ever been!  In the mission there is always time to learn and grow.  I’m taking this opportunity to learn and grow:)
Love you all so much! Take care of yourselves, ok?! 
Hermana Carter

“tirando facha”

Hola Como Andan?! 

This week was so great!  We have been contacting like crazy and we are starting to see sooo many miracles.  This week we’re able to find 5 new investigators!  We found a young couple who are married (real miracle).  They are named Maira and Julio. They are quite catholic and are super nice!  They have a lot of faith and are interested in learning about other religions.  It’s kinda of hard to help them progress but I feel like little by little they will be able to feel the spirit and have the desire to know the truth.
We had a ton of meetings. We had leadership council on skype (the most boring thing ever.  And the elders were babies and didn’t want their faces on the screen so mine was in front of everyone in the meeting for like 5 hours…. they got to analyze my thinking face with much detail).  Then we had a zone conference, and district conference.  The district conference was very special because we joined two districts together in preparations for a stake!  They called a new stake presidency and everything.  Now we are part of the Tierra del Fuego district!
The seventy that came to down to talk to us was Elder Spannaus.  He talked in depth about the importance of Jesus Christ in our lives.  I loved when he shared about the miracle of repentance and that we are really clean of our sins immediately when we repent.  It’s us that usually keeps this process of repentance from working.  We either don’t change or we don’t forgive ourselves.  He said that first principles of the gospel are faith, repentance, and ordinances.  Whether it’s baptism, the temple, or the sacrament, we should always follow this pattern in our life.
President Rogers also shared a lot of good thoughts both Saturday and Sunday.
There is something about President Rogers that I love, he’s real.  He’s not afraid to show his flaws and weaknesses.  He talked about the troubles he had with his kids and his family.  He talked about the importance of our covenants that will bless us and our posterity.  I realize I have felt these blessing through the faithfulness of my parents.  If the people can be faithful to their covenants, then our family will be blessed!  He also talks about an elder in our mission whose father passed away recently.  About a year ago he found out, while in the mission field, that his dad had cancer again.  The elder and his family decided that he was going to stay out and serve his full mission knowing that they would be blessed.  President shared the story of Daniel.  Who refused to worship the god’s of the King.  He talked about how Daniel confided in the power of God to deliver from captivity and he says “But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.”  “But if not,” should be a part of all our lives. Sometimes the will of the Lord is not to deliver us from our trials, but to strengthen us in our trials.  I loved that thought!!  It gave me the desire to serve the Lord with all my heart, despite the rewards He may or may not give me!  May we all have the loyalty that Daniel had to his God, and confide in our God enough to face any type of affliction or trial.  I’m sure that is the only way to be happy.
Have a wonderful week! Love you all so much!
Hermana Carter
IMG_0620 IMG_0608

“la playa larga”

Dear Friends and Family,
Well it’s been a great week this week!  It started off with snow and ended with beautiful sunshine.  It was the Argentine Mother’s Day last Sunday and the primary program at church!  Argentine kids are so cute!  They always try to talk like grown ups.  It’s the cutest.

We just got back from a trip to La Playa Larga or the “long beach.”  It was so pretty! We ate lunch as a zone and played a little volleyball.  I love doing fun free things!
La Playa Larga

La Playa Larga

This week we also set new goals to work creatively to find new investigators. Knocking doors and talking to people in the street is what keeps me going as a missionary, but it’s not the MOST effective way to find people to teach.  We looked for opportunities to serve and to find inactives and former investigators and we were able to find 3 new investigators, David, Daniel, and Ricardo.  Ricardo is “un capo”.  He started going to a Christian church a month ago and is going through a rough time. We were able to share with him Alma 36 which is about how Alma the younger was able to forget about his sins and feel the joy of redemption.  We were able to invite him to baptism and he said. ” Yes!”  During this lesson I felt the spirit so strong.  I hope we will be able to help him receive an answer from God, so God can help him have a happy life!!
Another new investigator that we found is Daniel.  He was such a miracle!  We went to lunch with this family and they had invited a friend!  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he is curious to read it.  He’s got some crazy ideas about the gospel but I’m excited to help him.  More than ever I feel the need to study the New Testament because we are teaching so many Christians!  It’s kind of crazy. 
I hope all is going well up there!  Mom take care of yourself and make sure that you get better! Love you all way too much!!
un abrazo!
Hermana Carter

“te pintaron pajaritos en el aire”

How are you all doing?!  

It’s such a bummer Mom, that you’re stuck on the couch!  I realized I’m so much like you.  I hate standing still… haha.  Trials come in all forms and sizes, sometimes it’s not being able to do anything.  Who’d a known?

Ok so this week like I told you, was a rebuilding week.  I’ve been contacting like I never have in my life.  Walking all day is totally not my jam, but it’s ok if we can find like one prepared person, I’ll be so happy.  I realize I still have so much to learn and to make better!  The mission doesn’t stop changing us. 
Hermana Reyes and I were able to visit our investigator Marta, the 7th Day Adventist.  She always has unusual questions, except for when we taught the plan of salvation.  The spirit was so strong teaching her about the eternal purpose of our life and how the Lord’s mercy is so infinite.  That we and our friends and family will have many chances to be prepared to enter the Lord’s kingdom and receive eternal life.  She has so many challenges that keep her from progressing, but I know that she’s looking for the truth and is willing to do the Lord’s will.  That’s what I love about her!
I was reading this morning in Alma 5  That chapter really helps us analyze how we are doing in our progress to become like our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  As I was reading there were a lot of questions that called my attention.  One of them is that Alma asks if we remember our fathers efforts to escape from captivity.  This question made me reflect on my ancestors who were pioneers and suffered so much without even knowing when they were going to get to Zion.  I realized that if they hadn’t put forth that effort I would have never had the joy of having the gospel today.  I too wan’t to follow that example by doing all I can without knowing what blessings the Lord has in store.  That is true faith and hope in the Lord’s power and love! Read Alma 5!  Tell me which question made you think the most!
We have been able to do some really great hikes these past two weeks.  So fun!!  
I love the mountains and the snow here!! 
Thanks everyone and I love ya!
Hermana Carter
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“bajar la caña”

Wow, wasn’t conference the best.  I loved how direct and specific it was!  In Argentina they say when someone scolds or is strict with someone, that they are dropping the cane on someone. haha. Well I felt some legit canes dropped yesterday.

This week has been so crazy.  Monday we had p-day and our phones stopped working.  Tuesday I had to be in the terminal at 4:30 to go the Comodoro.  Usually we go in an airplane to the leadership council, but this time we had to go in a bus.  That meant 30 hours of travel up to Comodoro.  When we stopped in Gallegos we had like a 4 hour break so we were able to eat and see some people.  I went and visited the Sampayo family!!  It was so great.  They shared with me all the great news about the branch.  Almost all of the investigators that we had found, have baptismal dates and are attending church!!  It was so great to see those beautiful people (despite the fact that it made me super trunk for Gallegos)  That night we left to travel to Comodoro.  We got there at 8:30 and the conference had already started.  The conference was great and long (5 hours).  When the conference finished we ate in 20 minutes and the president was telling us that we were going to miss our plane home.  We went straight to the airport and flew home.  I got home at 2 in the morning and slept on the Hermana’s tile floor for 4 hours. Ha.  It was the longest 2 days of my life.

Well also this week we got to work a little which was cool.  We found a new investigator Eugenia from Buenos Aires.  She’s great.  When we taught her about the first vision she reacted really crazy. She was so awestruck by what happened, it was so funny it kind of made it hard for me to focus while explaining it to her. haha.  However she is very great.  She accepted the baptismal invitation and she has a lot of faith in God that He will give her an answer.

This week we are hoping to find more people to teach, talking with EVERYONE and praying for many miracles to happen.  I’m so happy I can be a part of the Lord’s plan of salvation and take part in this work.  Hearing that so many people are getting baptized in the Gallegos made me so happy.  I really felt that the Lord directed me to the prepared people.  I thought of the scripture in Alma 26 when he says we should rejoice in being able to save but one soul.  Such a happy thing to hear that branch is growing so much. Happy news, Nora already got baptized, Matias is getting baptized next weekend, Agustina the daughter of Soledad is getting baptized and the couple Jose and Carolina are getting baptized. I can remember each and everyone of them and how I found them. Some of those times were the most desperate last attempts to find someone willing to hear our message.  I feel so blessed to have known them and been part of their progress!! So happy!!!

Well love you guys alot! Take care!

Love, Hermana Carter


“Libre soy, libre soy”

Hello my loves!

This is Hermana Carter here reporting about week siiix. Week six is always a little complicated; getting ready for transfers and everything, but the good news is… is that my companion gets here Wednesday!  Her name is Hermana Reyes and she’s from right here in Argentina!  I’m going to be coming home with a very legit Argentine accent haha!  I am so excited for her to come so we can get some good work into our area!  It’s going to be the best!!!

I was trying to enjoy my last week with the best Hermana Fish.  It’s like really distracting working with your best friend.  I think it was smart of President to not make us companions.  But she’s staying in Ushuaia for another transfer!  We were however able to get a lot of work done this week.  It was the week of the prophets.  Everyone was questioning the prophets and it was very interesting. haha! 
This Monday we were able to teach Macarena about the plan of salvation and it was really great.  I felt the spirit so strong and I know that God is just fighting so hard for all his children to get back home to Him.  He loves us so much, but it’s a tough love and Macarena understood that.  She finally understood that she wasn’t part of His kingdom yet, but had this desire to one day be there.  What she doesn’t understand is that it’s NOW that we have to act and try to become better.  It’s something that youth just don’t understand…. life actually ends someday.
We were also able to find a few new investigators this week.  One that looks quite promising is Fernanda.  She’s a single mom with two little boys.  She grew up Catholic but is not practicing.  She says that her faith in God has been what helps her keep going with her kids.  We were able to teach her about baptism and why it’s important.  When we closed we invited her to do the prayer and she did it!  No one ever does that… it was so cute.  I’m looking forward to seeing her again and helping her understand what God wants for her family.
I love you guys a lot.  I hope you’re all doing well and taking care of yourself.  Our mission has a goal that we will all have one baptism before Christmas as our gift to the Lord.  What more could our Heavenly Father want than bringing His children into his fold.  Please pray for these opportunities too so that this Christmas you will be able to see one of His children come closer to Christ!  
It’ll be the best. 🙂
Much Love,
Hermana Carter